Simple Competition

Is it Real? Or just a diversion?


Photo by Uriel Soberanes on Unsplash

I am forgetting the key to my essence
What did the wise grad student say?
Something about being the captain of your life
Or was it “Always live your life with a game-like attitude?”

Seeing the goldfinches at the bird feeder
While hearing the flicker call impetuously
My soul is satisfied and I can feel eternity
Am I in Clue or Monopoly? Or Roblox Doors?

It is now time for me to me to open the next one
Climb the ladder which leads me home
Like in Chinese Checkers
I must make it quickly before being caught

Peace is delightful and stillness abides
Lending superficial tranquility
To the artificial intelligence of the contest
What can we know for certain? No doubt?

©️ 2023, Rusty Alderson



Rusty Alderson

Retired technologist — eschewing cubicles; habitual observer; perpetual student; philosopher; poet; essayist; advocate for nature and wilderness.