FDA Approved Drugs and Their Side-Effects

A Plethora of Ailments and Remedies

Rusty Alderson
4 min readApr 3, 2023
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Have you noticed how many new drugs are being advertised on television lately? By ‘new’ I mean a drug that no one had ever heard of five years ago. Even more intriguing are the new maladies which have recently been “discovered” — illnesses and ailments no one had heard of, let alone suffered from, in 2015. How in the heck did we escape them until recently? And why does there seem to be an epidemic now?

Is Big Pharma working overtime to keep us safe and healthy? If you believe that these newly discovered “symptoms” are real threats to your health, and that the newly invented drugs to treat them are godsends, then you might be inclined to think so.

I tend to believe that the pharmaceuticals industry is, however, not disposed to philanthropy, but to good old fashioned greed, gluttony, and magnificent larceny.

When a new drug advises, “Don’t take <said new drug> if you are allergic to it,” and lists a myriad of possible side effects if you do take it (everything from “reduced libido” to “death”) shouldn’t your alarm bells start ringing?

First of all, how in the heck do you know if you are allergic to something unless you have tried it? Its a chicken-and-egg problem.

Imagine the following…



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