Sestina Foray

Dawn Chorus Reprise

Rusty Alderson
3 min readApr 16, 2021
Image by Dieter_G from Pixabay

His favorite aspect of the morning
Was the pleasant surprise of a chorus
Sweet, joyous enchantment of birds
Which declares that today will be peaceful
Bathing every corner of nature
With compelling musical sounds

In the forest he could hear the pleasant sounds
Prospect gripped the morning
Contemplating a journey so peaceful
Reminded him that it was the chorus
That he anticipated in this nature
When every branch was alive and dancing with birds

Those wonderful creatures, the birds
With no effort they produce divine sounds
Because it is in their nature
To arise, bedeck and bejewel the morning
Coming alive, coming together in unscripted chorus
Rendering melodies serene, tranquil, and peaceful

Was there ever a moment so peaceful
When the dawn resounded with birds
Adorning the heavens with their delightful chorus
Contrived by primeval sounds
Celebrating another new morning
It simply springs from their nature



Rusty Alderson

Retired technologist — eschewing cubicles; habitual observer; perpetual student; philosopher; poet; essayist; advocate for nature and wilderness.