Retired technologist — eschewing cubicles; observer extraordinaire; perpetual student; philosopher; poet; essayist; advocate for nature and wilderness.


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Writing Challenge

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Challenge Rationale

I have written several pieces in which I offer my observations about poetry and opine on the characteristics of a compelling poem:

From my journal:

Good poetry is characterized by conjured mental images via compelling and engaging language.


These are my published comments on poetry. I have more thoughts percolating in my head, but before I attempt to capture them here, I would like to hear from all you Medium poets (at least the ones who are among my followers) your thoughts on the subject.

So I offer this challenge: What makes for good poetry? Your analysis can be captured…

Life, Death, and Love

In memory of my friend who tried to give herself an abortion — R.I.P.

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You knew, long before reliable signs were there,
The ageless mystery, normally full of promise, could not entice your joy.
The interwoven threads of morality, necessity, instinct, and survival
Disguised the gift that the universe was generously bestowing

The seed had been planted, but you couldn’t bear it. Survival only,
For with poverty and without prospect, there really was no option.
The endowment you carried would grow — a parasite, suckling possibility
Until it ran as dry as the nanny’s teat.

So poor, so precarious, you…

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Who are the thousands of writers on Medium? They are as varied as snowflakes. They are all from their own unique history and aggregation of life-experiences.

Have you ever examined the profile blurbs of the Medium authors you encounter. If you have, then it will come as no surprise that there is such variety extant among us writers. But if you have never payed much attention, then you are in for a treat!

This is who we are


I am a social entrepreneur, activist and psychotherapist, A CEO, executive coach, real estate investor, Copyeditor, family law attorney, and English teacher. Would you believe that I…

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Poetry Prompt

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“Each day the world is brand new. Expect to be surprised. Expect miracles.” — Rusty Alderson

My Morning Miracle

The grogginess soon wears off
Although it is quite persistent
Wearily, warily, I stifle a scoff
Toward laziness I am resistant

My drowsiness wishes to stay in bed
It’s never been my better half
It tries to rule what’s in my head
But instead it just makes me laugh

I remember all of the things to do
And that gets my blood a racing
I realize now there are quite a few
They all gather into what I am facing

This is how I…

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The Story

Hi. My name is Ralph C. “Rusty” Alderson, and I am many things — husband, father, grandfather, writer, environmentalist, “retired,” etc. (keep reading for the full enchilada).

I was invited to submit my story to About Me Stories by Quy Ma, and that ignited this bonfire! Where do I start, where do I start?

I know…

I am going to reveal who I am by telling some of the stories which expose different aspects of my life, starting with a basic historical sketch, and continuing with a synopsis of the important things I have learned over the years.

Nothing But the Facts, Ma’am

I was…

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